The Comhairle are a group which give leadership to the school and for whom the main objective is to foster a good spirit for the benefit of the whole school. 6 students from 5th year and 6 from 4th year are elected by the students themselves in May and they function for the following year. They organize fun events for the school to raise money for charities and to help to develop school spirit. They look after the new First Year students with the Buddy system at the start of the new year and they attend functions during the year – celebrations and information evenings.


The Comhairle listens to opinions, suggestions and complaints from students.
The Comhairle passes on the opinions, suggestions and complaints from students.


The Comhairle keeps all the students up to date on school activities which affect them directly


The Comhairle investigates opinions, ideas, arrangements and other items which are worrying students


The Comhairle is in contact with and co-operates with School Management, with staff and with parents as it required for the good of the students/
The Comhairle connects with other schools and their student Councils


The Comhairle assists in the running of the school by helping in the development of school policies.

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