Transition Year is a bridge from the Junior Certificate programme to the Leaving Certificate programme.

  1. Education for maturity with emphasis on social awareness and increased social competence.
  2. Education through experience of adult and working life as a basis for personal development and maturity.
  3. Promotion of general, technical and academic skills with an emphasis on interdisciplinary and self-directed learning

Personal Development
To help develop personality and character towards a more positive and confident self-image.

Develop study independent study skills suitable for the Senior Cycle

To become familiar with workplaces outside school and possible career paths.

To become more informed about society and more skilled at dealing with people

Programme Content

TY students study a set of core subjects for the entire year this includes the compulsory subjects for the Leaving Certificate (English, Irish, Mathematics, French/German) as well as other core subjects such as Religion and Computers.

They have an opportunity to try out all the subjects which are available as choice subjects at Leaving Certificate subjects in a 7 or 9 week module. This helps the students to make informed choices when they pick their subjects in 5th year.

They are also offered a range of other modules especially designed for TY which introduce them to a variety of subject areas to improve their skills in various areas.

Core Subjects

French & German

Optional Subjects

9 week modules

Home Economics

Transition Year Modules

7 or 9 weeks

Road Safety
Media Studies
Sport (Gym work)
Trips around Dublin

Transition Modules

For the Entire Year

Film Studies
Young Social Innovator

Work Experience & Voluntary Work

Students choose and organise the work placement (s) themselves. They are helped by the Careers teacher and TY co-ordinator but it is the student’s responsibility to sort it out.During the week the students do not attend school but are in the organisation(s) they have chosen. At the end of the week the employer will submint a report on the student and the student will themselves keep a diary of reflection on their experience. The Transition Year co-ordinator will try and visit as many of the students on work placement as possible in order to monitor their progress.

Voluntary Work

As a Dominican school we try to instil our students with a sense of seeking a just society. “We aim to educate our students to be people of integrity and responsibility, whose potential has begun to be realised and who will use their gifts to contribute to a more just society.” (Domincan Way- In search of Truth). To reflect this we have incorporated two weeks of Voluntary work in the Transition Year programme. Students offer their services to a charitable or vountary organsition for a week at the beginning of December and again in May. They have helped out in a wide variety of settings including the Cappuchin Soup Kitchen; Animal rescue organisations, Friends of the Elderly, TLC nursing home and St Michael’s House. This provides a great opportunity to students to see the need for such work to promote a fairer society.Many students go on to volunteer for the organisations they work with and even incorporate such work into their work for the President’s award – An Gaisce

Voluntary work

This is work in charitable organisation that works on behalf of other people-not-for profit organisations such as charity shops, soup kitchens, nursing homes etc.

Work Experience

It is recommended that students do two different placements for the two weeks of work experience if possible.

Other Activities

As part of the TY programme students are offered opportunities to participate ina range of activities throughout the year. Participation is one of the main goals of the programmes and students are actively encouraged to try everything.

Other activities include

PACT – Personal safety issues
Aware – Mental Health Issues
Drugs Workshop
Know About Nutrition
An Gaisce

Extra Courses Students may choose to participate in extra once off courses which may arise during the year:

Gael Linn – Radio and TV programme making (As Gaeilge)
Red Cross – Practical First Aid Course
Introduction to Hospital Life – Mater Hospital
Royal College of Surgeons – Min Med programme.


Tannagh Adventure Centre Monaghan.

Transition Year begins with a 2 night/3 day trip to Monaghan for an outdoorpursuits course. This is a big part of the teambuilding which is one of the objectives of the year.


Each group attends the Kairos Centre in Maynooth University as part of their Communications Module. There they put together a TV programme.

Additional Trips include:

Causey Farm
Writer’s Museum
GAA Museum
Ice Skating
W5 Belfast
Armagh Planetarium

The exact programme depends on availability and resources and changes depending on the interests of the group.