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New texting APP

From September Scoil Chaitríona will use the KOMEER app to send text messages to parents. This is available if you have a smartphone. This is to reduce the very high costs of texting for the school.
If you have a smartphone, both you and the school can save money when you download the Komeer App from the app store (Android and iPhone devices).

*** We’re aiming to get 100% of parents using the app – please help us achieve this ***

Instructions to download your Komeer App and Sign Up to your school:
1. Search for the ‘Komeer’​ App on the App or Play Store and install
onto your phone or tablet.
2. Open the App and make sure to accept ‘Allow Notifications’​ in order to receive notifications to your device.
3 Tap ‘Create New Account’ ​button to create your new account with Komeer
4 ‘Fill in profile’​ details make sure to include ‘Child’s Name​’ and ‘School Name’​.
Tap ‘Add Child’​ to add your child.
5 When ‘Adding your child’​ search for ‘Scoil Chaitríona’ select your school name and press submit.
6 Your request to ‘Join the school’​ will then be waiting the approval of your school. Once approved you are ready to start receiving messages and alerts from Scoil Chaitríona.
Once you’ve downloaded the app, our texts will be delivered to you as instant app messages, saving us the cost of texting.
Any alert that you reply to school using the app will be FREE of charge to you.
It’s quick and easy to do. All you need to activate the app for the first time are your email address and the name of your children’s class group. If you have trouble please go to the Komeer app
help page.