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National Poetry Prize for Mella Ruadh

Congratulations to Mella Ruadh, Bliain 4 who won an award for her poem “Turning Pages” in the Write a Poem national poetry competition organised by the PDST. She collected her award on Tuesday 22nd November in Laois Education centre accompanied by her English teacher Iníon de Bhál. Here is the winning poem which is about Mella learning to read while living in Arizona:

Turning Pages

Arizona, the beginning of summer,
The sun blazing in the sky.
But the heat barely registers with her.
The book in her hands,
Entrancing, bewitching.
The cover, matching the pale blue sky above
And the silver embossed writing reflecting
And throwing light across the grass.
She loves this.

She’s independent, even at her age,
And the freedom of learning the story on her
Has lit something inside her.
She wants to know every story there is to know.
To her, every word is magic.
And she wants to fill her head with them.